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Cruise Panda represents a project specializing in searching for the best cruise deals offered by various booking services worldwide. We are not a travel agency and do not sell cruises.

We deal with monitoring the price changes on various sites and make a selection of the best offers daily.

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CruisePanda is a valuable online service allowing you to save on cruises hundreds and even (if you go on cruises regularly) thousands of euros. In addition, it's absolutely free for you!


Don’t Miss the Best Cruise Deals

We monitor not only low prices as the best cruise must not be necessarily the cheapest.
All the members of the editorial office have significant cruise experience. Everyone has made dozens of cruises with completely
different cruise lines in various cruise destinations worldwide, from the Caribbeans to Madagascar and Spitsbergen.

Such expertise allows finding the real jewels among thousands of offers,
those cruise deals choosing which you pay significantly less than you finally get.

Cruise Panda also posts cruise deals offered by luxe-class cruise lines
if they consider that their price dropped down to the lowest possible level, they should not be missed.

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