Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises are certainly one of the most popular cruise destinations. They are available at any season and easy to reach. Flights are not expensive and tireless. A wide excursion program and infrastructure attracts many tourists. Cruises in the Mediterranean are a unique opportunity to visit 4-5 countries in a short time with comfort and without thinking about transport costs.

When it is better to go

Do it any season. Summer is a bathing season and, of course, many people prefer it, but in July-August there is often a sweltering heat in this region. Spring and autumn are the best time for sightseeing. You can swim in the Mediterranean Sea until the end of September. Even in winter the air temperature is seldom below 10 degrees Celsius which is quite comfortable. Besides winter cruises in the Mediterranean are especially cheap, from 200 euros per person, it is 2-3 times cheaper than the peak season.

What you can see

The region is so vast and rich that listing all the must-see ports will take a separate article. Cruise routes in the Mediterranean are so diverse that you can come back here again and again, combining stops. Catalonia and Provence, the Cote d'Azur and the Amalfi coast, the Greek Islands, the Adriatic, Gibraltar, Tunisia and Carthage, Malta and Sicily, Majorca and Menorca, Corsica and Sardinia, Istanbul and Athens - many routes for both the inexperienced tourist and experienced cruisers.

Which cities are better to sail from

Key ports of the region: Barcelona, Marseille, Civitavecchia (Rome), Savona (Costa Crociere home port), Genoa. Boarding on the ship is most often carried out in these cities. In our opinion the most convenient port for a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea is Barcelona. The Barcelona Cruise Terminal is located right in the city center and it’s not far from the airport. It is also convenient to sail from Marseille but flights to Marseille are usually more expensive than to Barcelona. Civitavecchia is the base port of Rome, which is easy to reach, but you will have to go to the town of Civitavecchia by train. Cruise ports in Genoa and Savona are convenient but there is no direct air connection with these cities, so you will have to fly to neighboring Milan and get there by train.

Prices for cruises in the Mediterranean

Prices for Mediterranean cruises are very affordable. Promotional offers start from 199 euros per person in the inside cabin in autumn-winter and from 299 euros in summer. The regular price without discounts is from 350 euros in winter and from 600-700 euros in summer for a weekly cruise per person.