South America Cruises

South America represents the continent where you can find everything! There are modern cities, the pieces of the heritage of lost civilizations, glaciers, mountains, hummingbirds, penguins, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and fjords. South America cruises give you a unique opportunity to see all the above-mentioned in one trip!

South America cruises along the Atlantic coast departing from Rio de Janeiro, Santos (Sao Paulo), or Buenos Aires usually last approximately from 7 to 9 nights. The cruises around the mainland from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso and back have an average duration of 15 nights. Such cruises include visiting Argentina, Uruguay, the Falkland Islands, and Chile, and rounding South America through the Cape Horn.

When it is better to cruise

South America cruises are usually made from November to March. November and March are considered the most favorable months because in winter it is quite hot in this region with the air temperature reaching +35...+40°C. December is the rainiest month. In the south of the mainland, the weather is cool all year round, with the average air temperature of +10 °C in winter, so you should remember about it when planning a cruise around South America. Going on this cruise you need to have both a swimsuit and a jacket.

What to see

You can visit one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro where you can see amazing seascapes from the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain as well as the night city's breathtaking panorama, and of course the famous statue of Christ located on the top of the Mount Corcovado. You also have an opportunity to visit one of the smallest countries in South America, Uruguay. There you will appreciate the 20-kilometer embankment in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo and, of course, try the meat delicacies of Uruguay. Attending one of the main attractions of Buenos Aires, the La Boca district is also included in the trip route. You can find everything that travelers love here most of all, energetic dances, songs, pieces of painting, and numerous cafes and restaurants.

This wonderful cruise trip enables you to watch Magellan penguins when visiting the Falkland Islands, see the southernmost cruise port in the world called Ushuaia, and round the Cape Horn. Attending the Tierra del Fuego National Park and passing through the Strait of Magellan and watching glaciers and visiting the Magallanes National Reserve are also items of the cruise program.

The South America cruise also allows you to see the Chilean Fjords and visit the Torres del Paine Reserve in Chile, the main attractions of which are the Grey Glacier and Cuernos Mountains representing the real pride of this national park. You can feed lamas and alpacas in Chile as well, and climb to the top of the Osorno active volcano.

Which cities to sail from

The key ports in South America cruise are Buenos Aires, Santos (Sao Paulo), Rio de Janeiro, and Valparaiso (Chile). Norwegian, Celebrity, Holland America, and Princess cruise lines make their cruises around South America from Buenos Aires and Valparaiso (Chile). MSC Cruise Line makes cruises lasting not more than 9 nights from Santos (Sao Paulo), Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro.

In our opinion, Rio de Janeiro is the most convenient port of departure, because it is located in the city center, and the nearest airport (Galeao International Airport) is located 17 km from the cruise terminal. The cruise port of Santos is less convenient because the nearest airport is located 120 km away, in Sao Paulo.

If you are planning to go on a cruise around South America you have only two options, which are to start your cruise in Buenos Aires and finish it in Valparaiso, or vice versa. The cruise port of Valparaiso is not convenient enough, because it is located 120 km from Santiago, the capital of Chile, whereas the nearest airport is located there too. There is no direct connection between them, and you can get there only using transfers. The cruise port of Buenos Aires is 35 km from the international airport, and the most convenient way to reach it is to take a taxi.