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About the Service

  • How does Cruise Panda work?
    • Cruise Panda does not sell cruises. This service finds the best cruise deals which can be paid through their sellers: either agencies or cruise lines.

      In more detail, our service works as follows:

      1. You visit Cruise Panda, select an exciting cruise, and get acquainted with its itinerary and brief description.
      2. Choose the required cruise and click «Book Now».
      3. From this moment, you will be directed to the seller’s webpage and buy the cruise there.

  • Can I trust you?
    • As Cruise Panda is not an agency we do not receive any payments. You go to the seller’s website and buy a cruise there. Anyway, we cooperate with trusted international agencies only which have a strong reputation.
  • I’ll have a vacation soon. Can you select a cruise for me?
    • Currently, we do not provide such a service as a cruise selection on request. We recommend that you subscribe to our social networks (Facebook, Twiter, Telegram) or email newsletters. Every day we post attractive cruise deals; some of them are breathtaking. You will find your special cruise for sure!
  • How can Cruise Panda let you save on cruises?
    • It is not a secret that prices offered by various agencies can differ significantly. Agencies can attract you with special offers and additional discounts. The difference in prices for the same cruise can reach hundreds of euros. Cruise Panda is searching for the best price and informs where and when it will be better to buy a cruise. In addition, due to our experience, we are aware of when exactly the price for a cruise becomes minimum.
  • How is it better to use Cruise Panda?
    • We recommend that you just subscribe to CruisePanda using the social network that is most convenient to you:


      Or subscribe to our email newsletters. Every day we publish information concerning new special offers and discounts. Thus you won’t miss anything interesting and will be able to choose an attractive cruise offer for yourself. We do not charge money for it.

      The second variant is to go to the Cruise Panda website (Cruise Deals section) and select a suitable variant from those published earlier. We do our best to maintain their relevance.


  • Are prices always relevant on our website?
    • Cruise prices can be rapidly changed by their sellers. The most attractive offers are sometimes sold out within just hours or even minutes. That is why we guarantee a definite price at the moment of a cruise deal publication. If you notice that a cruise has risen in price please click “Report Price Change” at the page where this price inconsistency is. We will check the price and if it has been changed, we will remove such an offer from our website. Thereby you can help us and other site visitors. As a result, they will see only relevant offers on our website.
  • Are prices on the website final?
    • They are, and we are proud of it! We always show the final price including all the taxes and fees that you pay for the cruise. Except for service charges (gratuities) that you have to pay directly on the cruise ship after your cruise is finished. Meanwhile, numerous cruise offers posted on this website include prepaid gratuities as well.
  • I have noticed that the price indicated on the Cruise Panda website differs from that offered by the seller
    • Cruise prices offered by the sellers may change very rapidly. That is why we can guarantee the relevance of the price only for the moment of the cruise deal publication.

      If you notice that the cruise deal published on the seller’s website is more expensive as compared to that posted on Cruise Panda it means that the price has simply risen. It is not surprising because attractive cruise offers run out very quickly. Click “Report Price Change” at the page where this price inconsistency is and we will remove such a cruise deal from our website.

      If you see that a cruise is cheaper on the seller’s website, two variants are possible:
      1. The price shown on the seller’s website is not final, representing only the cruise fare not including taxes and fees. You should proceed with the final step of the reservation to find out the final price including all the charges. It is a characteristic feature of most US agencies.
      2. The cruise has become cheaper, so you are lucky! Please, click “Report Price Change” and we will adjust the price.

  • In what currency are the prices indicated on our website?
    • Cruise Panda represents a European project and for convenience and unification, all the prices are shown there in euros. And yet, when you go to the seller’s website prices there can be both in euros and in a local currency (GB pound, US dollars, or even Mexican peso). In such cases to avoid confusion we additionally indicate the price in a national currency. For instance, 335 EUR (299 GBP).

      Sometimes it can be confusing. For instance, the price is indicated in euros on Cruise Panda (because the website is European), whereas the price shown on the seller’s website is in pounds (as the agency is British), and as a bonus from a cruise line you get the onboard credit in US dollars (because the cruise line itself is American). We are sure you can get through it!

  • What does the frequently used notion of “price per night” mean?
    • It is not correct to focus on the total price of a cruise to understand whether it is expensive or cheap. Because a week-long cruise can cost 700 euros, whereas a three-week cruise can cost 700 euros as well. The latter will be obviously more advantageous; thus it will be more logical to calculate the cruise cost based on its price per night. As a result, it will cost 100 euros per night in the first case (not cheap), and 33 euros per night in the last case (significantly cheap).

Other Issues

  • What cruise destinations are represented on the website?
    • As our followers are mostly from Europe we are primarily focused on European cruises: the Mediterranean, the Norwegian fjords, the British Islands, the Baltic Sea, the Canary Islands etc. We monitor American, Caribbean, Asian, and African cruises too, and yet, not that carefully. As to the Australian and Pacific cruises we deal with them even more rarely. And yet, if the price for a cruise is extremely low (20-30 euros per person per night), such a cruise deal will be posted anyway.
  • Can I buy a cruise from a foreign agency?
    • I am a citizen of Great Britain/Italy/France. Can I book a cruise on the American or German website? In the majority of cases, there are no obstacles to this. When creating a reservation you can always indicate the passengers’ citizenship. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with the booking in a foreign language. We recommend that you use Google Translate in this case. There can be limitations on some national cruise line websites. For instance, dealing with the MSC Italian website, it is impossible to choose any other citizenship except for Italian in the process of booking a cruise. We do not link to such websites where there are limitations.

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