Barcelona Cruise Port

Barcelona Cruise Port

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Where is the cruise port of Barcelona?

Barcelona Cruise Port is the largest cruise port on the Mediterranean Sea, and the fifth largest worldwide. It consists of 10 terminals. Large cruise liners are moored to two main piers. The entrance to the port is located at the beginning of La Rambla Boulevard and the monument to Christopher Columbus. We do not recommend walking from the entrance to the port to the distant terminals (A,B,C, D), because the distance between them is about 2 kilometers.

It is better to move about the territory of the port of Barcelona by the port shuttle. It costs 3 euros one way and 4 euros for a round trip ticket (during the day). Departure is from the entrance to the port, it is not difficult to find a stop. If you stand facing the sea and with your back to the monument to Columbus, you should go to the right to see the stop. You can also take a taxi to the cruise terminals.

Barcelona cruise port shuttle service

Drassanes is the nearest metro station to the port . It's the green branch of L3. After leaving the station, you should walk along La Rambla towards the sea and the monument to Christopher Columbus, skirting it, and then walk a little to the right to the entrance to the port.

How to get from Barcelona airport to the cruise port?

There is no direct way. The fastest and easiest way is by taxi. The trip takes about half an hour and costs 35-45 euros.

You can get there by public transport, but only with transfers. At the airport, take the Aerobus express bus, and drive to the final stop of Plaza Catalunya. Here you should take the metro (Green line L3) and ride 2 stops to Drassanes station. Then walk to the monument to Columbus and the entrance to the port. The cost of such a trip will be: €5.9(Aerobus) + €2.40 (metro) +€3 (port shuttle). You can save more by getting to the nearest metro station not by airbus, but by a regular city bus, for example number 46. The fare on it costs 2.4 euros.

Another saving tip is to buy a T-10 ticket to travel about Barcelona. Prices:

In addition, the ticket can be passed to each other through the turnstile after the passage, if there are several people.

Update: Now you can reach the city from Barcelona airport (terminals T1 and T2) directly by metro using the new line L9sud. But the T10 ticket does not work here. The fare is 5.15 euros. But when changing to the green line L3 to Drassanes, you won’t have to leave the metro and pay again.

Parking at the port of Barcelona

There is no long-term parking on the territory of the port of Barcelona, it is possible only boarding / disembarking of passengers. The nearest parking is at the World Trade Center, it is designed for 900 seats, and there are special rates for cruisers. Parking from 3 to 7 days will cost you 75 euros.

B:SM also offers special conditions for long-term parking for cruise ship passengers. More information about the conditions can be found at the link.

Barcelona cruise port parking

Luggage, left-luggage offices in the port of Barcelona

Unfortunately, there are no storage cameras on the territory of the port. To walk light about the city you can send luggage directly to the airport by a special delivery service, whose counter you will see in the cruise terminal. Having checked in your luggage at the port, you will be able to get it at the airport before departure at any time. The cost of the service is 10 euros per suitcase.

You can also use the luggage storage in the area of Plaza Catalunya. The cost of the service is 3.5-11 euros, depending on the size of your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The distance from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Pier is approximately 15.3 km. This will take about twenty minutes in a taxi.

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