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The cruise ship MSC Meraviglia of MSC Cruises was built in 2017 , belongs to the Meraviglia vessel series, and is 315 meters long with a displacement of 167,600 tons. The ship can accommodate up to 5700 passengers on board in 2250 cabins. The number of personnel on board is equal to 1536 people.

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MSC Meraviglia position

MSC Meraviglia current position is as follows: 30.2895 N / -75.64385 W during the course of a journey to New York

Her current 7 days cruise started on 09 Jun, 2024 and is to end on 16 Jun, 2024

Current Cruise Itinerary

Date Destination
09 Jun 16:00 New York
11 Jun 13:00 - 21:00 Port Canaveral
12 Jun 09:00 - 22:00 MSC Ocean Cay
13 Jun 11:00 - 19:30 Nassau
16 Jun 07:00 New York

MSC Meraviglia Detailed Description

MSC Meraviglia with a passenger capacity of 5700 people had her first journey on July, 4th, 2017.


The area of an interior cabin amounts to 12-16 square meters. The maximum number of passengers it can accommodate is equal to 4 people. Additional sleeping accommodation in such types of cabins consists of Pullman beds located above the main sleeping berths.

Interior cabin on the MSC Meraviglia

Interior cabin on the MSC Meraviglia

Single cabins with an area of 12.2 sq. m. appeared on MSC Meraviglia having a sofa instead of a bed. 

Single interior cabins on MSC Meraviglia

Single interior cabins on MSC Meraviglia

The size of an oceanview cabin on MSC Meraviglia is 15-18 sq.m. The maximum number of passengers such a cabin can accommodate is 4 people. Additional accommodation includes a sofa, which can be folded into a bunk bed. 

Oceanview cabin on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

Oceanview cabin on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

A balcony cabin has an area of 15-22 square meters including a balcony. It can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Additional sleeping accommodation is represented by a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. There is a table and chairs on the balcony. 

Balcony cabin on MSC Meraviglia

Balcony cabin on MSC Meraviglia

The cruise ship has been recently equipped with family cabins having windows and a balcony able to accommodate up to 10 persons. The area of the cabins varies from 30 to 54 square meters. Additional sleeping berths are represented by bunk beds in such cabins.  

Family cabin on MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

Family cabin on MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

Family cabins have different variations. A cabin able to accommodate up to 6 passengers consists of an interior cabin and an oceanview or a balcony cabin. The cabins are separated by a connecting door. The cabin is equipped with 2 bathrooms. The family cabin accommodating up to 10 persons is represented by an interior cabin and 2 cabins having a window/ balcony. Such cabins are separated by the door as well whereas there are 3 bathrooms in the cabin. Such cabins look as follows on the cruise ship’s plan:

Each cabin is equipped with a TV (having an interactive menu that allows you to book the seats for the theater performance, look through the program of the day, monitor your cruise ship bill, etc.), an air conditioning system, a safe deposit box, a hair dryer, a telephone, and mini bar. There are two 220-V sockets and a USB outlet. One more universal socket can be found in the bathroom. 

The bathroom in the cabin is spacious enough. The shower cabin has a door instead of a curtain. 

Bathroom in the MSC Meraviglia cabin

There is a liquid soap, shampoo, and shower gel in the bathroom as well. 

Balcony suites of the “Aurea” category with an area of 27 square meters and a balcony of 26 sq. m. are located on decks 9,10,11,12, and 13 on the bow part of the cruise ship. There is a seating area, a bedroom, and a dressing area there. The spacious corner balcony is equipped with a jacuzzi.  

Two-story suites (Duplex Suites) having an area of 37 sq. m. and a 22-square-meter balcony appeared for the first time on the MSC cruise ship. Such cabins are located in the bow part of the ship on decks 9-10 (the first floor is on the 9th deck and the second one is on the 10th deck) and on decks 12-13 respectively. The living room is located on the 1st floor of the cabin whereas the 2nd floor is intended for the bedroom. There are two bathrooms in the cabin, on the 1st and the 2nd floor equipped with a shower cabin and a bath respectively. There is also a jacuzzi on the balcony. 

Two-story Duplex Suite cabins on the MSC Meraviglia

There are also interior one-room cabins with an area of 16 sq.m. on the ship located in the MSC Yacht Club zone. Accordingly, all the club’s privileges are available for the passengers staying there. Such cabins are located on decks 14,15 and 16. 

Interior Yacht Club cabins on MSC Meraviglia

Most cabins attributed to the Deluxe Suite category have an area of 24-28 sq. m. (including a balcony)  in the MSC Yacht Club zone and are located on decks 14,15,16, and 18. The cabins are equipped with a dressing area, whereas there is a table and chairs on their balcony. 

Deluxe Suite on MSC Meraviglia

Royal Suite cabin with an area of 56 sq. m. is located on the 15th deck in the bow part of the ship. There are only 2 suites of such a category on board. Such cabins consist of living rooms, bedrooms, and dressing areas. The balconies with an area of 40 sq. m. are equipped with jacuzzis. The suite is located in the MSC Yacht Club zone and its passengers are allowed to use all the club’s privileges. 

Food on the MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship

The cost of a cruise includes food in the following restaurants:

Waves Restaurant represents the à la carte restaurant for the passengers with fixed sittings which means that the beginning of dinner is at 18.00 for the 1st sitting and 21.00 for the 2nd one. This restaurant also serves breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch are served according to a “first come first served” basis whereas passengers have designated tables. This restaurant is located on deck 5.

Panorama Restaurant and L’Olivo d’Oro & L’Olivo Dorée are à la carte restaurants for the passengers according to the ‘Flexible dining system and are open from 18.00 to 21.30. Both of them are located on deck 6.

The restaurants having a Flexible dining system offer 15 variants of dinner starting within the period 18.00 - 21.30. You can change the time when the dinner starts daily (up to 16.00 of the current day) using a Smart TV located in your cabin, your mobile App, or by contacting the restaurant staff. You can choose any free table when entering the restaurant. 

Marketplace Buffet represents the restaurant serving food according to the buffet system and is located on deck 15. Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 10:00, lunch is available from 11:30 to 16:00, and dinner is offered from 18:30 to 21:30. 

Marketplace Buffet and Waves Restaurant on the MSC Meraviglia
Marketplace Buffet and Waves Restaurant on the MSC Meraviglia

You can have snacks in the Pool Area (deck 15 in the middle part of the cruise ship) from 6 to 7 A.M. (early breakfast), from 7 to 11 A.M. (continental breakfast), from noon up to 2 at night pizza is cooked, whereas from 12 up to 17 the grill is offered.

The ship has 6 more specialty restaurants that can be visited for extra money. A table should be reserved in advance, and free cancellation is possible not later than 24 hours before the time of your reservation.  

For more information concerning food on the MSC cruise ships please consult "Cruising with MSC Cruises. Complete Guide". 

Entertainment on Board

- Himalayan Bridge rope park (deck 19);
- Polar Aquapark water park (deck 19);
- Sportsplex (deck 16);
- Amusement Park including the 4D movie theater, Formula-1 simulator, flight simulator, and 2-lane bowling (deck 16);
- Virtual Games Arcade slot machines (1.5 euros per game) (deck 16);
- fitness center;
- 3 swimming pools (one of them having a retractable roof), and a jacuzzi;
- SPA center;
- the theatre where performances are held in 3 sittings;
- casino;
- shops;
- photo gallery;
- kid’s club, teenagers’ club;
- library. 
Polar Aquapark и Sportplex on the MSC Meraviglia
Polar Aquapark and Sportplex

MSC Meraviglia’s Peculiarities

- A 95-meter promenade with the “digital sky”;
- New family-type cabins (so-called “cluster cabins” combining up to 3 cabins into one) appeared able to accommodate up to 10 passengers simultaneously;
- A large open water park and a rope park; 
- Panoramic lifts;
- Most balcony cabins have a view of lifeboats, not the sea. The lower the deck the worse the view is. This is especially true of those cabins which are located in the depths of the ship.  
- It is the first time that interior cabins appeared in the MSC Yacht Club area.

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