MSC Preziosa

The cruise ship MSC Preziosa of MSC Cruises was built in 2013 , belongs to the Fantasia vessel series, and is 333 meters long with a displacement of 139,400 tons. The ship can accommodate up to 4378 passengers on board in 1751 cabins. The number of personnel on board is equal to 1388 people.

MSC Preziosa Photo Gallery

MSC Preziosa position

MSC Preziosa current position is as follows: 53.87331 N / 8.72091 W during the course of a journey to Molde

Her current 14 days cruise started on 17 Jun, 2024 and is to end on 01 Jul, 2024

Current Cruise Itinerary

Date Destination
17 Jun 19:00 Hamburg
19 Jun 13:00 - 21:00 Molde
21 Jun 09:00 - 22:00 Tromso
23 Jun 08:00 - 22:00 Longyearbyen
25 Jun 08:00 - 26 Jun 02:00 Honningsvag
28 Jun 08:00 - 18:00 Olden
29 Jun 11:00 - 21:00 Stavanger
01 Jul 06:00 Hamburg

MSC Preziosa Detailed Description

MSC Preziosa represents the fourth cruise ship of the Fantasia project having a displacement of 139400 tons and a passenger capacity of 4378. The vessel was launched in the spring of 2013. Like all the cruise ships belonging to the Fantasia class, MSC Preziosa has the MSC Yacht Club VIP area.

Accommodation on Board

The area of interior cabins equals 13-17 square meters. The maximum number of passengers to be accommodated in such a type of cabin is 4. Additional places for sleeping are represented by Pullman upper beds. At the head of the bed, a large mirror can be found visually enlarging the size of a cabin. The cabin has a coffee table and an armchair. 

Interior cabin on MSC Preziosa

An Interior cabin on MSC Preziosa

The size of an oceanview cabin varies from 12 up to 21 sq. m. The maximum number of passengers it can accommodate is 4. Pullman upper beds represent additional sleeping accommodation in such a type of cabin. There is a coffee table and an armchair (or several armchairs) here.  

Oceanview cabin on MSC Preziosa

An Oceanview cabin on MSC Preziosa

A standard balcony cabin has an area of 17-22 sq. m. There is a table and chairs on the balcony. By the way, there are 1751 cabins on the cruise ship, whereas 1125 of them have a balcony.  

Balcony cabins on MSC Preziosa

Balcony cabins on MSC Preziosa

It should be noted that balcony cabins have some peculiarities. For instance, those cabins located on deck 8, in the middle part of the ship, have a view of the lifeboats and the promenade deck.  

View of the lifeboats from the balconies of the 8th deck in the middle of the ship

View of the lifeboats from the balconies of the 8th deck in the middle of the ship 

The cabins located on the stern of deck 13, have so-called Juliet balconies. They can be seen on the deck plan, in addition, they are marked with an asterisk. The width of such a balcony is equal to one meter, but due to the slant of the glass barrier, it is reduced by half a meter in the upper part of the balcony.  

Juliet balcony on MSC Preziosa

Juliet balcony on MSC Preziosa

Each cabin on board has a TV, a safe, an air conditioner, a hair dryer, a telephone, a mini bar, an ice bucket, and several glasses. Towels for the swimming pool can be found in the cabins as well. Each cabin is equipped with two 220-V sockets and two 110-V sockets. Beds in the cabins are wide and can be joined together or separated by a steward. Bed linen is distinguished by excellent quality. Cabins lighting is very good and is represented by halogen lamps.

In addition to the standard categories of cabins, there are balcony suites with an area of 21-47 sq.m. and suites having panoramic windows and an area of 21 sq.m. on the ship. Bathrooms of such cabins have full-sized baths instead of shower cabins. In addition, the cost of suites includes alcoholic drinks 24 hours a day, drinks from the mini bar, and SPA area visiting.  


There are 7 restaurants, 9 bars, and several cafes on board. Food in the following restaurants is included in the cruise cost: 

- Buffet Inca&Maya is the buffet restaurant located on deck 14;

- L`Arabesque and The Golden Lobster are the two main à la carte restaurants located on decks 5 and 6 respectively. 

Dinner is arranged in 2 seatings, and passengers have designated tables. Breakfast and lunch are served according to a “first-come-first-served” basis. 

The Golden Lobster restaurant and Inca&Maya buffet

The Golden Lobster restaurant and Inca&Maya buffet

For more information concerning food on the MSC cruise ships please consult "Cruising with MSC Cruises. Complete Guide". 


The following entertainments are available on board: 
- 3 swimming pools: the central pool, the pool with a retractable roof, and the Infiniti swimming pool located on the stern (there is seawater in all of them);
- jacuzzi with seawater;
- 120-meter water slide;
- SPA center;
- fitness center;
- theater (performances take place in 2 seatings);
- casino;
- 2-lane bowling;
- shops;
- 4D cinema;
- disco;
- slot machines hall;
- beauty salon;
- photo gallery;
- library;
- kids’ club;
- teenagers’ club;
- children’s outdoor playground. 

Theater and playground on MSC Preziosa
Theater and playground on MSC Preziosa

Cruise Ship Peculiarities

- 120-meter water slide with a transparent part protruding overboard.
- Swimming pool with an Infinity effect located on the stern. 
- Stairways decorated with Swarovski crystals. 
- MSC Yacht Club VIP area. 

Stern swimming pool and water slide
Stern swimming pool and water slide 

Interesting Facts Concerning the MSC Preziosa 

Initially, this vessel was ordered by Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Hannibal for 565 million euros for his personal use as the largest private ship in the world. 

It had to be called “Phoenicia”, having luxurious layouts including even a 120-ton aquarium with sharks. However, as a result of the well-known events in Libya, the unfinished vessel was left without its customer. 

In June 2011, STX France started looking for a new buyer. In March 2012, it was announced that an agreement concerning the vessel’s purchase for 550 million euros had been reached with MSC Cruises, and the cruise ship got her new name, MSC Preziosa. A year later, the ship was officially given to the cruise line. 

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