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The cruise ship MSC Seaview of MSC Cruises was built in 2018 , belongs to the Seaside vessel series, and is 323 meters long with a displacement of 154,000 tons. The ship can accommodate up to 5179 passengers on board in 1931 cabins. The number of personnel on board is equal to 1413 people.

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MSC Seaview position

MSC Seaview current position is as follows: 40.64015 N / 2.24299 W during the course of a journey to Barcelona

Her current 7 days cruise started on 18 May, 2024 and is to end on 25 May, 2024

Current Cruise Itinerary

Date Destination
18 May 17:00 Barcelona
19 May 08:30 - 17:30 Cannes
20 May 07:00 - 18:00 Genoa
21 May 07:00 - 18:00 La Spezia
22 May 07:00 - 19:00 Civitavecchia-Rome
24 May 09:00 - 23:00 Palma de Mallorca
25 May 08:00 Barcelona

MSC Seaview Detailed Description

MSC Seaview represents the second Seaside class cruise ship. Its first journey was in June 2018.  


The size of an interior cabin is equal to 14 square meters. The main sleeping accommodation for all the cabin categories consists of 2 beds joined together or separated according to your preferences. Additional sleeping accommodation is represented by Pullman beds located above the main ones. The maximum number of passengers such a cabin can accommodate is 4 people. There are also interior cabins on the cruise ship specially equipped for disabled persons. Their area is 28 square meters; two single beds are located there and can not be transformed into double beds. 

Interior cabin on the MSC Seaview cruise ship

Interior cabin on the MSC Seaview cruise ship

The area of the oceanview cabin amounts to 17 sq. m. Additional sleeping accommodation in such cabins is represented by a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. The cabins having a window are located on the 5th deck. The maximum number of persons such a cabin can accommodate is 4.  

Oceanview cabin on MSC Seaview
Oceanview cabin on MSC Seaview

The area of a balcony cabin equals 17 square meters. Additional sleeping accommodation in such a type of cabin is represented by a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. The maximum number of people to be accommodated here is equal to 4 passengers. Balconies are equipped with small tables and chairs. 

Balcony cabin on MSC Seaview
Balcony cabin on MSC Seaview

There are also family balcony cabins that can accommodate 6 to 10 persons on the ship. Such a cabin type represents 2 or 3 standard cabins having a connecting door between them. 

The area of a suite varies from 17 to 28 sq. m. with a maximum of 4 persons to be accommodated. Additional sleeping accommodation is represented by a sofa, which can be transformed into a bunk bed. Cabins No. 9255, 9258, 10273, 10264, 11273, 11264, 12267, 12260, 13275, 13264, 14271, 14262, 15239, and 15236 are located on the ship’s stern and have a corner balcony. Suites belonging to the Aurea category located on deck 9 are equipped with a terrace where deck chairs can be found.

Terraces equipped with deck chairs on MSC Seaview
Terraces equipped with deck chairs on MSC Seaview

There are one-room suites with jacuzzis located on the 28-square-meter balcony on the cruise ship. Such a cabin can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Additional accommodation is represented by a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed and a folding chair.

Suite with a jacuzzi on the balcony
Suite with a jacuzzi on the balcony

Such a cabin has a dressing area whereas the bathroom is equipped with a full-sized bath. 

Cabins attributed to the Grand Suite category have an area from 32 to 49 sq.m. Such cabins are located on the bow part of the cruise ship on decks 9 - 14. Cabins are equipped with dressing areas, whereas bathrooms may have a bath or a shower cabin. Suites No. 11001, 12001, and 14001 have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some cabins can accommodate up to 5 people.   
Cabins of the Grand Suite category on MSC Seaview
Cabins of the Grand Suite category 

There are interior cabins having an area of 21 square meters on the cruise ship which are located on decks 16 - 18 in the MSC Yacht Club zone. The maximum number of passengers to be accommodated there is 2. There is a dressing area and a coffee machine in the cabin.

There are also balcony cabins belonging to the Deluxe Suite category with an area of 25 square meters and Royal Suite category cabins with an area of 62 sq.m. in the MSC Yacht Club zone. The maximum number of passengers to be accommodated is equal to 4. The cabins are equipped with dressing areas and coffee machines. The balcony of the Royal Suite is equipped with a dining table and jacuzzi.  

Interior cabin and Royal Suite category cabin in the MSC Yacht Club zoneInterior cabin and Royal Suite category cabin in the MSC Yacht Club zone

Each cabin is equipped with an interactive TV (giving an opportunity of booking services and monitoring of the cruise ship bill), an air conditioning system, a mini bar, a safe deposit box, a hair dryer, a telephone, an ice bucket, and water glasses. There are two 220-V sockets and 2 USB outlets. There is one more universal outlet in the bathroom as well. Wardrobes are not that spacious, and yet, if you do not have a lot of things in your luggage everything will be ok. There are also beach towels in the cabin.

Cabins are also equipped with so-called stewards' notification systems. If the cruise ship card is inserted in the slot the red indicator outside your cabin demonstrates that someone is in the cabin. If the card is not inserted into the slot the green light outside notifies that there is nobody in the cabin. There is also a panel of buttons installed inside your cabin. Press the “clean the room” button and as the result, the orange indicator outside will be on. If you press the “do not disturb” button the blue indicator outside will be seen.

The bathroom in the cabin is spacious enough. The shower cabin has a door. A liquid soap dispenser for washing hands can be found in the bathroom, whereas there are dispensers containing shampoo and shower gel in the shower cabin as well. There is also the rope for drying clothes in the bathroom.  

Bathroom in the cabin on the MSC Seaview
Bathroom in the cabin

Food on Board of MSC Seaview

The cruise cost includes food in the following restaurants. 

Golden Sand Restaurant is the main à la carte restaurant located on deck 5. It is open during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. Dinner is served in 3 sittings. Breakfast is served on a first-come-first-served basis, whereas the passengers have designated tables for dinner.

Golden Sand Restaurant on MSC Seaview 

Silver Dolphin Restaurant represents the main à la carte restaurant located on deck 6. It is open for dinner only which is served in 3 sittings.

Silver Dolphin Restaurant on MSC Seaview

Marketplace Buffet is the main buffet restaurant located on deck 8. It is open for breakfast from 06:30 up to 10:30, lunch is served from 12:00 to 16:00, and dinner is from 19:00 to 22:00. Grill station, pizzeria, salad bar, fruit station, and dessert stand are available from 12:00 to 02:00. The restaurant is partly located on the open deck.  

Ocean Point Buffet & Restaurant is located on deck 16. It is open for breakfast from 08:00 to 11:30, and lunch is served from 13:00 to 17:00, whereas dinner is available from 20:00 up to 22:00. For dinner, thematic cuisine is usually served.

There are 5 more restaurants on the cruise ship which have to be extra paid.

- Bistrot L'Atelier, deck 8
- Sushi Bar & Pan Asian Restaurant, deck 16
- Butcher's Cut, deck 16
- Ocean Cay, seafood restaurant, deck 16
- Teppanyaki by Roy Yamaguchi, deck 16.

All the abovementioned restaurants are open from 18:00 to 23:00 (approximately). Tables should be reserved in advance and the reservation should be canceled not later than 24 hours before the reservation. Otherwise, you will be imposed a penalty amounting to 5 euros per person.

For more information concerning food on the MSC cruise ships please consult "Cruising with MSC Cruises. Complete Guide". 

Entertainment on Board

The MSC Seaview cruise ship is equipped with: 

- 3 swimming pools: Sunset Beach Pool on deck 7, Panorama Pool on deck 16, and Jungle Pool with a retractable roof allowing you to swim whatever the weather outside is, located on deck 18;
- 12 jacuzzis;

Jacuzzis onboard MSC Seaview

- MSC Aurea Spa, beauty salon including hairdresser’s services, manicure, pedicure, the beauty shop, and fitness center (working hours from 6 to 22) are located on deck 8;

Fitness center on MSC Seaview

- sports ground for playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, and mini-football (deck 20); 
- Zipline bungee 105 meters long (deck 20).

Sports ground and zipline on MSC Seaview

- Forest Aquaventure Park water park located on decks No.17 and 18;

Forest Aquaventure Park on MSC Seaview

- two water slides 160 meters long; 

Water slides on MSC Seaview

- moderate size theater where the performances are held in 3 sittings, the seats must be reserved (booked) in advance. You can do it using the MSC for Me App, the TV located in your cabin, or with the help of an interactive display; 
- casino (deck 7);

- slot machines (round the clock), 4D-movie theater, billiards table, and full-sized two-lane bowling;

- Formula-1simulator (deck 7);
- Infinity Bridge transparent panoramic bridge;
- numerous recreation areas;

- kid’s club: Baby Club (from 1 to 3 y.o.), Mini and Juniors clubs (from 3 to 11 y.o.), Teens clubs (from 12 to 14 and from 15 to 17 y.o.);

- shops (decks No. 6, 7, and 8);
- business center (deck 6);
- library (deck 7);
- excursion office located on the 6th and 8th decks with the working hours from 09:00 to 24:00. 

MSC Seaview Cruise Ship Peculiarities

- One of the key features of this cruise ship is the significant number of open areas;
- There are two buffet restaurants on board the MSC Seaview; 
- In addition to them, there are also two à la carte restaurants serving dinner in 3 sittings on board;
- You can also find a transparent panoramic bridge (Infinity Bridge) and panoramic lifts; 
- There is also one of the largest interactive water parks at sea on the board of MSC Seaview, Forest Aquaventure Park;
- Cabins with terraces;
- Zip Line bungee jumping 105 meters long. 

MSC Seaview Passengers’ Reviews

jelena2002: "MSC Seaview cruise ship is new, huge, and can offer lots of entertainment. The cabin is very comfortable, we had a quadruple one, with a balcony, and we liked that the sofa for children could fold upwards, not sideways, so we’ve got the bunk bed as the result in the evening. Thanks to it, our cabin always seemed spacious (unlike other ships where the folded sofa totally closed off the entrance to the balcony). In addition, there is a wonderful water park with water slides for adults and children as well as some swimming pools including a pool with a retractable roof in the case of cool weather. Theater performances are rather good (I especially liked the shadow show, which is unusual for MSC cruise ships). Entertaining activities are good too. Discotheque, music and themed parties are at their high level. They did not let us be bored:)). Food is excellent, it is delicious and varied. One day they even served squids and prawns at the buffet restaurant!”

len@: "Everything is very uncomfortable on the board of MSC Seaview as there is no opportunity to walk, you constantly have to go up and down from deck to deck. Shops are spread over all the decks, bars, specialty paid restaurants, the cigar lounge, and smoking areas are inconveniently located. To find what you need, you have to pass the real quest. This cruise ship is absolutely unsuitable for jogging: there are no even marked tracks. There are a lot of smoking areas on the open decks but neither our acquaintances nor us could find a cigar lounge. The decoration of the cruise ship with various sculptures and other decorative elements is poor. Entertainment activities leave much to be desired. As to the personnel, food, cabin cleaning, boarding/landing procedures, and problem response time, everything deserves 5 out of 5. All this is not related to my opinion concerning the ship itself as the level of service and logistics of the vessel should not be confused. There is a lot of space in the restaurants both on the open deck and inside. There were no lines at all which is a significant advantage. The food was decent, delicious, and varied, including a lot of tasty fruits."

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