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Copenhagen Cruise Port

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Copenhagen represents one of the most popular and attractive cities in Northern Europe. Alongside Stockholm, it is rich with numerous unique sights and touristic gems. That is why the city is included in almost all the cruise routes, able to offer as many as three cruise terminals to dock at. Let us understand the features of Copenhagen cruise ports together with Cruise Panda!

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock in Copenhagen Cruise Port?

As we have already mentioned, there are three cruise terminals in Copenhagen so a couple of days before your cruise starts you should consult where exactly your ship will be docked, at Langelinie or Frihavnen (located not that far from each other), or Ocean Quay (the most remote and the newest one). The exact cruise terminal you are arriving at can be found here. 


This cruise terminal with its quays C190-C199 is the smallest one located just 3 kilometers from the city center. It is used mostly for moderate-sized vessels. You can easily reach the center of the city by foot enjoying a 30-minute walk along the most prominent city sites including the worldwide famous Little Mermaid or use transfer shuttles provided by some cruise lines. Bus route No.26 is also available and is the most popular way to get to the central railway station and the metro. This route represents the main and the most convenient one available at the main cruise terminals and runs between the cruise port and Kongens Nytorv metro station. 


If your cruise ship is docked here you are lucky as it is located close to the center like the previous one so you can also use the popular bus route No. 26 or walk a little bit admiring the picturesque promenade.

Ocean Quay (Oceankaj)

It is the “youngest”, largest, and most remote cruise terminal from Copenhagen downtown. Having as many as 4 piers it can simultaneously receive several larger cruise ships. If your cruise ship is docked here (which is most likely) you have to use bus route No.25 or 27, get to the final stop of this route (Østerport), and then change to bus No.26 to get to the city center with all its numerous tourist attractions. 

Ocean Quay (Oceankaj) cruise terminal

By the way, hop-on-hop-off buses are available irrespective of what cruise terminal you arrive at. It is the best way of traveling around the city center especially if you don’t have much time but are willing to have a look at the main touristic gems (more detailed information concerning this kind of transportation and prices can be found here). 

How to Get to the Cruise Terminals of Copenhagen from the International Airport?

Kastrup International Airport of Copenhagen is located very conveniently, just 8 kilometers from the city center and 11-15 kilometers from the ports. So, no matter which kind of transportation you choose, it won't take you much time to get to one of the cruise terminals or vice versa. 

You can use a taxi, of course, which is the fastest and easiest way to get wherever you want in the city but at the same time the most expensive (the trip from the Airport to the city center can cost you approximately 40-45 euros). In fact, taxis in Denmark are the most expensive in Europe. Nevertheless, if there are 3 or 4 of you it makes sense to take a taxi.

And yet if you are planning to use public transport you can use the metro and bus. After your arrival, you can take a metro and follow to the station Nørreport, then change to the surface metro S-Tog and get off at the Østerport stop. Then go 1 kilometer to the Langelinie cruise terminal or 800 meters to Frihavnen. In case your cruise terminal is Oceankaj, your final stop on the surface metro must be Nordhavn. Then, after getting off there, you can take the bus No. 25 or 27 to go to Oceankaj port which is 3.5 kilometers far from the Nordhavn metro station. For more detailed information concerning a trip from/ to Copenhagen Airport please consult here. Anyway, this city district is rapidly developing, and new metro stops regularly appear, so it is better to use Google Maps to create a route. 

Copenhagen metro to cruise port

Besides, usually, on the day of cruise ships' departure, most cruise lines organize inexpensive bus shuttle transfers for the tourists from the airport to the cruise ports. You should get to know from your cruise line or an agent whether this service will be available. The cost usually varies from 5 to 15 euros per person.  

What to Visit in Copenhagen Cruise Port and Nearby?

Copenhagen, undoubtedly, represents the most popular Scandinavian city due to its amazing, unforgettable, and a little bit relaxed atmosphere and unique charm. It is famous worldwide for its picturesque canals, enchanting palaces, austere gothic cathedrals, and, of course, for its great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen whose fairy tales have become the most popular worldwide ever. Conveniently, almost all the most remarkable tourist attractions are located close to the city center so you won’t need to spend a lot of time getting from one site to another. 

Sсulpture of Mermaid

The heroine of Andersen’s fairy tale has become the symbol of Copenhagen and the story itself, without exaggeration, has become the most popular in the world going on inspiring filmmakers, producers, theater directors, and composers. The iconic sculpture is located at the Langelinie Pier and depicts the Mermaid sitting on a large stone. The creation of the sculpture was inspired by both the fairy tale character and the famous ballerina Ellen Price who danced 1909 the role of a little mermaid in a ballet performance at the Danish Royal Theatre. Carl Jacobsen, the Danish brewer commissioned the sculpture from Edvard Eriksen and presented it to the city of Copenhagen in 1913 having immortalized thereby his own name, the sculptor’s name, and the name of the prototype. 

Sсulpture of Mermaid

Tivoli Gardens

Represents another amazing hallmark of the glorious and vibrant Danish capital. Opened in 1843, today it is the oldest and the most famous amusement park not only in Denmark but all over Northern Europe. It is conveniently located in the very center of the city. If you are on a cruise with your children it is undoubtedly worth visiting as visitors of all ages will find something interesting here: various dizzying roller coasters, carousels, theatrical performances, etc. 

Amalienborg Palace

In the very heart of Copenhagen, the amazing royal palace Amalienborg can be found. It is an absolute must for visiting as it reflects the glorious history of the Kingdom of Denmark. When visiting it you can feel the real royal atmosphere of the past, especially if you become a witness to the Сhanging of the Royal Guard. You can also see the march of the Guards from the Rosenborg palace along the streets. The Museum of the Amalienborg will get you acquainted with refined luxurious interiors and centuries-old traditions of the kings and queens of the Danish Kingdom. 

Rosenborg Castle

Located in close proximity to the previous attraction, the Castle was built 400 years ago by the most prominent Danish king, Christian IV. Today it gives a great opportunity to have a look at numerous royal treasures and regalia. The interiors of the castle strike visitors’ imagination, whereas collections of pictures, jewelry, and other regal artifacts will leave no one indifferent.

Rosenborg Castle

Of course, it is impossible to touch upon all the main remarkable city sites in the article, so we can just enumerate them. They are Bakken the Amusement Park, Town Hall Square, Strøget Shopping Mile, the Round Tower, authentic Nyhavn Harbor, the National Gallery, Christiansborg Palace, and many others.

Touristic Life Hacks

The Copenhagen card represents a useful thing for a tourist that helps you save significantly on your budget. Having paid once you can get free entry to most museums and use public transport free of charge. Children under 10 years old accompanied by adults are let everywhere for free. Of course, it makes sense to buy it if you are going to spend at least a couple of days in Copenhagen. The cost of the card for 24 hours is about 60 euros, for 48 hours you will pay 85 euros. 72 and 120-hour Copenhagen cards are available as well.

Free entry to museums. On Wednesdays, there is free admission to most of Copenhagen's museums. 

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