Piraeus(Athens) Cruise Port
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Piraeus(Athens) Cruise Port

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Piraeus cruise port is one of the largest, most ancient, and most important ports of call for cruise ships all over the Mediterranean located in the suburb of Athens. 

Having enough space for simultaneous docking of up to 12 cruise ships including the largest ones, Piraeus cruise port is approximately 1,5 kilometers from the center of Piraeus whereas the distance from the port to the downtown of Athenes amounts to 13 kilometers. The port of Piraeus consists of 3 terminals (the Terminal A, or Miaoulis Main Terminal, the Terminal B, called Themistocles, and the Terminal C, Alkimos). 

Piraeus cruise port map

The distance between A and B terminals of the Piraeus cruise port is about 1 kilometer, whereas from B to C it amounts to less than half a kilometer. Free shuttles providing transportation for passengers between the terminals are available. 

How to Get to Athens from Piraeus Cruise Port

The first and the most popular (but not that cheap) way to get to Athens city center from the port is a taxi of course. The cost of taxi services from the port to Athens downtown, the Syntagma Square will cost you about 25-30 EUR.

The metro is the most cost-conscious way to get from the port to Athens (including all its remarkable sightseeings). The Piraeus cruise port terminal A (as compared to terminal B) is located not that far from the train station (about 20 minutes walk). So, if your cruise ship is docked in terminal B - the buses 843 and 859 are available and shuttle regularly between the port and the station. 

For more information please consult "How to Get from Piraeus Cruise Port to Athens -  Step-by-step Guidance"

To get from Piraeus cruise port to Acropolis (the main city sightseeing) as well as to the city center of Athens is also possible by the X80 express bus which goes regularly every 30 minutes from 7.00 up to 21.30. The bus makes 4 stops along its route including Acropolis (which most of the tourists are interested in) and Syntagma square, which is considered the center of Athens. This way of transportation is less comfortable as compared to the metro because it is more time-consuming and crowded.

How to Get from Piraeus Cruise Port to the Athens Airport

To get to the Athens airport from Piraeus cruise port by taxi (and vice versa) will cost you a pretty penny. The average cost amounts up to 70 EUR. 

The metro (as in the case of getting to the Athens city center) is the most popular and the most reliable means of transportation because using it you can be prevented from traffic jams (unlike taxis or buses) and significantly save your budget. The whole route from the Piraeus metro station to the airport usually takes not more than 1 hour. 

The express bus X96 can also take you from the cruise port of Piraeus to the Athens airport (and vice versa). The approximate travel time is equal to 90 minutes but we recommend you to plan some extra time in the case of traffic jams which are common in such large and populous cities as Athens. You can consult the schedule of the express buses on the official site of the Piraeus cruise port.

In any case, according to some tourists, transport strikes can happen so you should be ready to take a taxi in such rare cases not to miss your plane or, vice versa, the start of your cruise. 

You should also keep in mind that before the landing on your cruise ship you will have to proceed with the customs clearance so we recommend that you should plan a certain amount of additional time not to be late.

What to See in Athens

Athens is the capital of contemporary Greece and the center of the Ancient Greek Civilization which was known for its might and culture during the Antique era. 

What to see in Piraeus cruise port

The main and the most attractive landmark, the Acropolis dominated by Parthenon, overlooks the city. Created in the 5th century B.C. it represents the main symbol of Greek antiquity and all the ancient history as well. 

Acropolis Museum located in close proximity to the Parthenon can boast an excellent collection of antique sculptures and ancient artifacts. It is rightfully considered one of the best museums in the world.

The National Archeological Museum of Athens is famous for its richest collection of antique artifacts in the world including sculptures, ceramics, wood carving masterpieces, and ancient jewelry found by archeologists throughout Greece.

There is a famous Lycabettus Mount (or Lykavittos) not far from Syntagma Square. It is worth visiting because having ascended it you can enjoy the best view of Athens ever. You can get there using a funicular. 

Where to Swim Near Piraeus Cruise Port

Swimming right in the port of Piraeus is not a good idea, of course, but there are some beautiful beaches located not far from it. The most popular of them are Glyfada Beach (which requires a short drive from the Piraeus city center), Votsalakia Beach, Varkiza Beach, Voula beach, and others. You can easily reach them by taking a taxi. 

The Main Hacks for Tourists Visiting Piraeus (Athens) Cruise Port

  • If you arrive in Athens a couple of days before your cruise starts it is worth booking a hotel in Piraeus. The prices in the suburb are much cheaper as compared to the Athens downtown whereas getting from Piraeus to the main Athens attractions won’t be that difficult
  • As was mentioned above, always plan some extra time (no matter what you do and where you go) as traffic jams are a common thing in Athens, besides, the customs clearance can take a lot of time (especially during the peak season)
  • If your cruise trip ends in Piraeus (Athens) cruise port and you have to depart from the Athens airport you can save the space in your luggage and buy all the souvenirs, greek products, and delicacies in one of the Duty-Free shops located at the airport. According to the tourists, the prices there are not higher than in the city whereas the choice of goods is rich. Duty-Free shops located in the Piraeus cruise port terminals deserve your attention as well, besides, the prices there are more favorable as compared to those offered by the Duty-Free shops located on board.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cruise port of Piraeus is located about 11 kilometers from the Acropolis. The best way to get there is a taxi or metro (the metro station you need is called Acropoli, line 2).

Piraeus (Athens) cruise port is located 13 kilometers far from Athens's downtown.

You can get there by taxi which is not that cheap or use the bus route X96 that departs every 20-30 minutes and costs 6 EUR. The travel time is about 90 minutes. The metro is also available. The cost of the one-way trip to/from the Athens Airport is equal to 9 euros

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