Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Dubrovnik Cruise Port

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What place is likely to come to your mind first when you think of a cruise across the Adriatic coast? It is the Dubrovnik cruise port, one of the most popular and scenic ports of call for cruise ships.

Croatia with its cruise port of Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations for tourists going on Eastern Mediterranean cruises which is included in all the itineraries of all the cruise lines without an exclusion. It is not surprising because the authentic atmosphere of its old city in combination with the picturesque seascapes will not leave even the most sophisticated and demanding tourists indifferent.

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik cruise port has a rich seafaring history. Over the centuries it has been an important location for merchants and travelers routes all over the Adriatic coast. As time passed the port developed allowing cruise and cargo ships to visit it and conveniently dock there. Today the cruise port of Dubrovnik can handle up to 600 cruise ships annually and can compete with such well-known ports of call as Savona, Barcelona, Genova, Marseille, and others.

Cruise ships calling in Dubrovnik nowadays usually dock in Gruž port which is located about 3 kilometers from the old city. Cruise lines, as a rule, arrange bus shuttles (for an additional fee or without it depending on the line) taking tourists to Dubrovnik Old Town which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is undoubtedly worth seeing! During the peak season, up to 5 cruise ships can dock simultaneously in the cruise port of Dubrovnik, and if this number is exceeded other ships have to anchor in front of the old town or near Lokrum Island, and passengers, in this case, are tendered right to the city walls of Dubrovnik by boats.

What to Do in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

The main attraction of Dubrovnik is of course its old city. The Old City of Dubrovnik is rightfully considered the Pearl of Adriatic. This amazing town (despite numerous earthquakes and armed conflicts it suffered from within a long time of its existence) preserved a significant amount of its medieval treasures such as renaissance, gothic, and baroque churches and cathedrals, houses, palaces, and squares. Its original appearance with orange tile roofs, small cozy old port, and medieval gothic fortresses can not be confused with any other place in the world. It is fully recognizable even for those who have still never been there! By the way, it is Dubrovnik Old Town that was one of the main filming locations of the worldwide popular HBO series the Game of Thrones, so those who are fond of this film can feel an exciting déjà vu walking along the medieval streets, visiting majestic cathedrals and fortresses, and ascending the fortified city walls.  

Well, if you are happy to find Dubrovnik Old Town in your cruise itinerary it is the right time to find out what places of interest you can visit while spending your amazing time there!

The Old City Walls

It is the first item on our list because it is the city walls that represent the most recognizable feature of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Reaching in some places a 6-meter height they used to defend the medieval city from invaders. Of course, it is worth walking along this wall thereby exploring the city. On your route which is equal to approximately 2 kilometers, you will have an opportunity to observe other Dubrovnik gems such as Fort Lovrijenac, Minceta Tower, Bokar Tower, and Revelin Fortress.

Undoubtedly, walking around the old town can give you unforgettable impressions, and yet we recommend you to choose morning or evening time for it if possible until it is not too hot and of course be ready for certain physical activity as the walls constantly ascend and descend. The fee for the entrance is not that low (about 30 US dollars) but without visiting this attraction your visit to Dubrovnik definitely won’t be complete.

The Fort of St. John

Called by the locals the Fort of St. Ivan, it is located in the eastern part of Dubrovnik Old Town. It used to defend the city in the past whereas nowadays it houses some modern sights. Here you can find the Maritime Museum of Dubrovnik located in the upper area of this fortress, and the Aquarium in the lower area. Bokar Fort can be found nearby and represents a place allowing you to enjoy the amazing view of the old town with its sites and Adriatic.

The Fountain of Onofrio and St. Saviour Church

This famous fountain built in the 15th century and very well preserved is one of the most attended old town attractions. It used to be larger in the past but a serious earthquake in the 17th century caused significant damage to it. This fountain was an important part of the city’s water supply system. Visiting this site you can simultaneously observe St. Saviour Church built in the 16th century located nearby and remarkable for its combination of Gothic and Renaissance features.

Loggia Square

Loggia Square was always a special place where the old town’s residents and visitors gathered. The tradition is still alive, and the place goes on attracting people. Besides, you can find such famous Dubrovnik landmarks as Orlando’s Column, Loggia of the Bells (the warning system created in the 15th century), as well as the Church of Blaise, Sponza Palace, and the small Fountain of Onofrio. 


This famous walking street (or Placa as the locals call it) represents the most popular place where the city dwellers and tourists gather. It is the real landmark of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and one of the most picturesque pedestrian streets not only in Croatia but in entire Europe as well. This busy street can boast numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops. It is Stradun where you can have some rest from seeing sights, have lunch or dinner and do amazing shopping.  

Lokrum Island

It is hard to miss Lokrum, the scenic emerald island located approximately 600 meters from Dubrovnik Old Town. If you have some time left it is worth reaching it by ferry or by boat. In addition to enjoying a marvelous view of the old town, you can also visit the mysterious Fort Royal Castle as well as the old Benedictine Monastery dated back to the 11th century, which currently houses a museum and a restaurant. The botanical garden and the small salt lake are also worth visiting. The admission fee to the island  (including the boat transfer) is 120 kunas. 

Where to Swim in Dubrovnik

If you are tired of observing the sites of Dubrovnik it is the right time to swim on the Banje Beach which is located a couple of minutes' walk from the old city and is rightfully considered one of the top beaches of Croatia. If you are starving as a result of your hours-long exploration of the old city’s numerous spectacular sites you can easily find cozy restaurants and cafes nearby. A little away, you can see other not less beautiful beaches such as Cava, Uvala Bay, and Copacabana. 

What is the currency in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

The national currency in Croatia is the kuna (not the euro, despite the country being a member of the EU), but euros are also accepted everywhere (1 EUR=7,5 HRK). And yet, at the beginning of 2022, the prime minister of Croatia announced the complete conversion to the euro by January 1st, 2023. The final approval is planned to be taken by the end of the tourist season, 2022. Accordingly, the prices will be specified in two currencies starting from September 2022. The consequent complete conversion to the euro is to be on January 1st, 2023 (including a 2-weeks transition period). 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy. You can use bus shuttles or take a taxi. The transportation cost is equivalent to about 2 US dollars (by bus) and 10-12 US dollars (by taxi).

The best and most popular beaches are located close to the old town of Dubrovnik which is not more than 3 kilometers from Dubrovnik cruise port.

The distance from the cruise port to Dubrovnik Old Town is about 3 kilometers.

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