Naples Cruise Port

Naples Cruise Port

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Naples Cruise port is considered the largest and most important cruise port on the Mediterranean Sea (alongside Piraeus in Greece, Barcelona in Spain, and Italian Genoa). Naples is located in the Gulf of Naples, representing one of the oldest Italian cities, and is included in the famous UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Porto Napoli with its cruise terminal Stazione Marittima (it is what it is officially called) can be found at the center of the city nearby the famous Piazza Municipio. The Cruise Terminal is located in a historical building containing, in addition, numerous offices, conference halls, as well as a large shopping center, and various cafes and restaurants that are open not only for tourists from cruise ships but for everyone. The modern building is distinguished by its outstanding design, maximum comfort, and amazing view of the Piazza Municipio and the sea. This brief review will tell you about one of the most visited Italian cruise ports!

Naples cruise port

Where Cruise Ships Dock at the Naples Cruise Port

On arrival at the Naples cruise port, most cruise ships dock at Molo Beverello representing the main berth of the terminal. It will not take you more than 10-15 minutes to walk on foot to the historical center of Naples. Undoubtedly, it is important to save time for more interesting things than time-consuming traveling from the cruise ship to the place where most tourist attractions are concentrated. 

How to Get from the Airport to the Naples Cruise Port?

Of course, it is essential to know exactly how to get from the airport to the cruise port (in case it is the first port on your itinerary) and vice versa (if the port of debarkation is the final point of your cruise trip). 

Naples International Airport is just some 14 kilometers from the Naples cruise port and the city center. Comfortable Alibus shuttles are available on your arrival at Naples and can take you to the very heart of the city. These ANM comfortable vehicles represent the best and most convenient way of transportation from the Airport to the city center, central station, and the cruise port. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes. You can easily buy tickets at the vending machines located in the arrival hall. You can find more information here 

Taxi service is, of course, always available, the trip to the city center will cost about 20 euros and will take you approximately 10 minutes. When taking a taxi you should tell the driver the phrase “tariffa predeterminata” which means a fixed tariff, without a taxi meter. 

What to See in the Naples Cruise Port and Nearby

Naples is one of the most attractive and popular cruise ports on the Mediterranean itineraries in terms of the number of world-famous and breathtaking iconic sightseeings. 

What to See in the Naples Cruise Port and Nearby

Naples with its rich history represents the oldest Italian city and the largest city in South Italy with a population of over a million people. Naples is, first of all, famous for its natural sites such as Parco Letterario di Nisida (a small island connected with only one road with the continent), Posillipo's numerous beautiful beaches, Phlegraean Fields, Vesuvius, of course, deserving a separate article, and many others. 

Depending on the duration of your stay in Naples we recommend you to visit the following sites.

Vesuvius Volcano is undoubtedly the most iconic tourist attraction not only in the city of Naples but in the entire world. It is famous for its eruption in the distant 79th century AD that caused awful destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum ancient cities located nearby. Vesuvius is still an active stratovolcano and is still dangerous as numerous towns and settlements are located in close proximity to it. The last time it erupted was less than 100 years ago. You can hike this magnificent mountain, it will take you not more than half an hour and as a result, you will be charmed by the breathtaking view from the top.

What to See in the Naples Cruise Port - Vesuvius Volcano

Tours to Pompeii and Herculaneum are an essential part of your visit to Vesuvius. They are the world-famous settlements completely destroyed by the eruption. The ruins of Pompeii (26 kilometers from Naples) have been very well preserved due to the thick layer of ash caused by the lava poured when the devastating natural disaster took place. You can walk around the city with its Amphitheatre, the temples of Apollo and Jupiter, and of course, you can observe plaster casts of numerous victims who died as a result of the tragedy. They were covered by numerous layers of ash and have been very well preserved. The most frightening thing is that they remained in their death poses forever. 

What to See in the Naples Cruise Port - The ruins of Pompeii

Herculaneum is another city ruined by Vesuvius, the twin city, located a little bit farther from the volcano but nevertheless it could not prevent the settlement from a tragic fate. As a result, it was completely destroyed alongside Pompeii. Of course, it is better to visit both cities to imagine a complete picture of that cruel past. And yet, if you don’t have much time, even one of them is strongly recommended for a visit.

In addition to the natural attractions, modern Naples is rich with numerous man-made monuments and architectural masterpieces. The Castel Nuovo is the first that visitors leaving their cruise ships can see, Castel dell Ovo, a medieval fortification located right at the port, Piazza del Plebiscito, the main square of Naples where the Royal Palace and the Royal Basilica are located, and many others. Undoubtedly, Naples is a unique open-air museum, and one trip is not enough to visit all its jewels.

What to See in the Naples Cruise Port - Castel Nouvo

Where to Swim in the Naples Cruise Port?

Tired of the urban bustle you can relax at one of Naples's beautiful beaches. It can boast of a large number of them. The most famous Naples beaches are Gaiola Beach (the most popular one), the Miseno and Miliscola beaches (it makes sense to get there if you have enough time), and Lo Scoglione. Of course, the Capri coast should be mentioned and having enough time you can get there by ferry that is available at the Naples cruise port. You can find more information concerning the schedule and buy tickets here 

Main Hacks for Tourists Visiting Naples Cruise Port

  • If you find out that the time of your visit to Napoli is strictly limited you are recommended to visit Herculaneum instead of Pompeii as It is located closer to the Naples cruise port.
  • Naples is considered the city where pizza was first invented as a cheap, tasty, and nutritious meal for the working class. Who could imagine that time that this simple dish would gain such enormous popularity as it has nowadays, and become a gastronomic symbol of Italy! Undoubtedly, it is a good idea to have lunch onboard in terms of cost saving, and yet if you have been to Naples and have not tasted original Neapolitan pizza your visit to the Naples cruise port can not be complete. 
  • If you're planning to use municipal transport during your stay in Naples it can make sense to purchase a single ticket that operates on all types of municipal transport (so-called Unico ticket or TIC ticket) For more information, please, consult here 
  • You can also explore Naples's narrow picturesque streets and its main hallmarks comfortably sitting in the hop-on hop-off Sightseeing doubledecker. For more details please consult here

Frequently Asked Questions

Herculaneum is located 11 kilometers from the cruise port of Naples. You can easily get there by the train route called Circumvesuviana. The trains regularly depart from the Napoli central station. You need Ercolano Scavi stop.

The distance is equal to approximately 26 kilometers, and the cost of your taxi trip will amount from 30 up to 35 euros.

Ferries depart from Naples cruise port to Capri right from the Molo Beverello pier, the place where most cruise ships dock on arrival.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships alongside the ships operated by other cruise lines conveniently dock at Molo Beverello, the main cruise ship pier in the Naples cruise port.

Napoli Centrale train station is located 2 kilometers away from the cruise port of Naples. The distance is comparatively walkable.

Trains from Naples to Pompeii depart 3 times per hour. The journey lasts approximately 40 minutes.

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